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Województwo: zachodnio-pomorskie
Firma: Supmar
Miasto: Gdańsk
Telefon: 601642373
Strona www:
dodano: 2017.11.20
ważne do: 2018.02.18
wyświetleń: 26

Szczegóły oferty:

Supmar - Deck, engine, cabin, safety equipment, electrical stores, provisions. Our products: Technical stores and spare parts – globe valves; gate valves; butterfly valves; ball valves; flanges; bearings; bolts; steel pipes; metal sheets; bars; brake linings etc. Ropes – synthetic mooring ropes; synthetic miscellaneous ropes; shackles; steel wire ropes; non-rotating wire ropes; stainless steel wire ropes. Anchors; anchor chains; shackles and swivels. Lashing equipment; shackles; hooks; turnbuckle; wire ropes; wire rope slings; textile slings of all kinds Measuring instruments – pressure gauges; thermometers; pyrometers, Packing & jointing materials – rubber sheets; manhole gaskets; non-asbestos high temp. sheets. We manufacture specific gaskets on demand. Petroleum products – lubricant oils and greases Chemical products – wide range of marine chemical products including: water finding paste, crack detectors, liquid sealants, industrial glue Tapes – anti-splashing tape; anti-corrosion tape; hatch sealing tape; anti-slip tape; zinc tape; PTFE tapes. and more... Visit us: